The Mind of a Teenager

The mind of a teenager

GET OUT!!! Is all her mind screams

Get away from it all, the lies, pain,sadness,depression,

She wants out of it all, out of this falsely painted picture of perfection

She is so sick of it, so damn sick,

She isn’t in her own skin, designed by someone else, designed for all the shit she doesn't want,

Whoever or whatever created her skin haunts her in a nasty way.

“Try drinking and popping pills, you will like it”, her cellmates’ voice echos in her mind

Her cellmate is that part of her that no one has seen, even she is afraid, she doesn’t know what it is capable of

Oh, the letter would be perfect “FUCK EVERYBODY”

Just enough humor, for everyone to know that it was her,she has no way out and she has lost hope

The cellmate will echo and she begins to believe it, she can easily walk into a room and think of ways to end it,

You see before it was subtle thoughts in the subconscious, that vision with the sword through her heart was a huge scare

But now it is welcomed

Everything is a chore, life, family, friends, hell breathing, she wants help, deep down she knows that she can’t do this on her own, before she was able to catch herself when she became helpless and hopeless

She screams for help but it is muffled by her cellmate,

The cellmate doesn’t use her hands

No, the looney bin or those drugs to fix whatever is wrong with her, muffles those screams,

She wants help, oh she screams till her throat is raw

But it never comes

She could always catch herself but she fears that she won’t be able to, she wants none of these things for herself but slowly she dies until she forgets herself

The teenage mind is a pleasant thing, no it's a prison and the inmates are those irrational thoughts

But within the cellblock of irrational thoughts, there lies hope,

Hope that this will all be over, not through pills and potions, not through death, no hope through life, but life dies everyday and now she forgets, she forgot what life was because she is constantly dying


This hope screams but no one ever notices,so now her cellmate and fellow inmates consume her and hope dies

~alyssa wright


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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