A MIND Shaft

And I was just wondering if you saw it too


The green bile behind all these smiles


Coming up up up


Starting up up up




And there was this black and white picture, it was in an old wooden frame in a glass box which was encased in steel covered in mothballs sitting in the rusty bathtub in the basement of an abandon barn, the one with all the bones in the stalls and the complex nest of vampire bats and the dwarves living in the hay loft. I wondered how the animals all died.




There was a group of kids in the picture but you got the feeling they were important adults and they were standing next to the living corpse of a red-haired clown, passing around the kidney stone of some long dead black sheep and they all hated you.




When they started talking I wasn’t really surprised and they said:




You Bitch




Did you really think you deserved even half of that silver spoon you now eat with?






At this moment you realized there was a large shard of Vaseline glass stuck half way through your cornea and they were the only ones who could tear it out. And you would probably lose the eye.




Somewhere there’s an imp by the name of THE AFFLICTION that has your picture on a dartboard and the bull’s eye is the navel of your shrunken stomach.




I know you’re wondering how long it will take your legs to evaporate while you’re treading the dark red water




There is no answer.



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