Mind My Own

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 15:18 -- Jef

I have a skull
And my skull hangs low
When I'm walking around and I sulk
Inside said head
I have something that's one of a kind
It's my one and only mind
Call me narcissistic, call me pretentious
But I love my mind, it's my precious
It's alI need, I can't live without it
I can't physically perform without it
It is what inspires me
It is what makes fires breathe
All the dust in my body came to be for its purpose
I see through closed eyes, thanks to it, but this free-verse is only scratching the surface
Once my body finds where its tomb is
It will turn back into the dust it once was
But my mind will live on in my soul and my goal is to watch others like me from the other side
Where ever my soul resides...

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