Words flow endlessly though my mind defying all space and time, as I lay down I begin to unwind all my thoughts and emotions. 

I am spontaneous. I am river ever flowing. I am the rose eagerly and unexpectedly rising from the concrete. I am music. I am poetry. I.. Am.. FLOETRY...

All these thoughts cloud my mind and just as the beauty of it all settles in an eruption takes place. The butterflies you me die and I become mad inside. Why in the greatest moments of all time are tears cried from the most fragile of eyes, piercing the hearts of those near by.. Why can't we all have one mind but keep our own ideas and opinions in our heart because calmness is there, compassion is there, but if it's kept in our mind then it exits our mouth in the worst way and our sweetness, our kind, pure reality we live in is overturned by arguements, pain and frustration followed by that deep silence... This is what flows through my mind at any given time ..


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