Milk and Honey

When one loves something

They often don't know 

Its a funny story

That in fact I do but don't 

My love for poetry

Started just like that

From the moment I could read and write

I felt words leave my hand 


Like milk and honey

Words compliment me 

And I discovered

It can be a remedy 

Poetry to me is

How  I see the world

Its as sweet as milk and honey

I feel every word 


The ink wets the paper

And soon I have a song

A few words without a melody,

To sing along

But I find that the tune

Is in fact within my heart

Its as sweet as milk and honey 

Poetry to me is art 


I write paintings and futures and stories

And songs

Poetry to me has all of these arts

I let the words assemble eachother for themselves

My hand is just the writer 

Of all of these tales 

I found poetry within my first laugh

A child who felt words was her craft 

It was as milk and honey

It put me to sleep 

To me poetry is just as sweet 



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