Miles away


It was in those long summer days

when hot was the wind and sun,

that she fell fast and hard in love

for a boy who knew only of fun.


They lived separated by a town.

you'd think this love a felon,

for her lonely heart to him

she was constantly sellin'.


How quickly, quickly she came to

 place where she was crying.

he had no want or care for her.

those tears were spent on trying.


"oh, I'm sick, so sick in love,

with a boy who think I'm playing.

i can't keep up this poker-face

if he ignores the words I'm saying."


"oh do you remember young man," said she,

"when my heart for you I spilled?

you made my head spin 'round and 'round,

and my dreams are sadly killed."


he turned his face away from her.

the sadness within, he felt.

"yes, i see what I've done to you,

kindness i have not dealt."


and slowly, slowly she turned away.

and slowly slowly she left.

sighing he said to himself,

"her heart, I should have kept."



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