For all my springs, I was a lion

With kinks and knots in my hair

"Your hair's too tough to comb!

What you have here is nothing less than a lion's mane."

The coiffeurs would gripe and grovel

At the sight of my unsightly hair

But one day I met someone like a flower

Someone with the fragrance of a songbird

Who sung and chanted proudly

Someone with the ability to tame my mane

"Don't worry. I can fix this."

And the songbird quelled my lion's mane

From the honeydew mornings, roosters cooing,

to the sun-kissed afternoons, breeze blowing

I sat there in that salon for hours

And by the end of it all,

I was no longer a lion, but a regular girl

And the songbird quelled my lion's mane

For many more springs,

I addressed Miladys as the master of my mane

But one spring, the songbird could no longer sing

The songbird had flown away into the ether,

far past the springs of my dimensions

And she could no longer quell my lion's mane

My lady, Miladys, lay your wings to rest

and make my mane your nest

There, you will forever remain on my mind





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My community


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