Mike Brown

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 05:21 -- Soulae
I can't sleep,
too much frustration on my mind,
Can't seem to sympathize with the decision made,
Wilson not charged, no justice served, he's free,
Mike is dead,
That hurts.... cause that coulda been my brother,
I'm so enraged,
He had his hands up in surrender,
Ok, ok, don't shoot but the trigger went in several bullets,
What the hell?
I don't care if he did do something illegal before having an encounter with the cop,
That don't give him no reason to shoot,
And shoot and shoot,
That stuff ain't stop,
That breaks my heart to know he kept shooting until his brains was splattered on the ground,
his life wasn't worth nothing to you huh?
He intimidated you, you were scared for your life?
I'm not even going for that, 
that's an excuse.. that all cops use just to break down and abuse just to say their using their badge,
Their a cop,
If they feel unsafe,
Nonsense, that has to stop,
Did you think about his life first or your job,
cause you wounded his body several times,
I can't get over the fact that his hands were up, but your gun wasn't down,
I don't understand this at all,
You kept shooting didn't yell freeze or stop but shot and shot and shot!
fired on the max until he was laid down unconscious with blood dripping out of his head,
He's dead,
But no justice?
Anger is lifted but hurt is more so what everyone is feeling..
It's not fair man.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i'm not surprise with verdict, but sad that justice once again fails us

you express similar to what i feel about the outcome

what's more sadder is the way people are destroying the community

needs to be address differently

keep spreading the powerful words


Im not surprised either.. Thanks for the comment and expression. Check out my other piece on it.


This peice speaks of the unjustice with the mike brown case and i love how you talk about how the injustices without the involvement of race which this is not a racial problem but a people problem


Thank you for checking my piece out. Check out my other piece that goes along with this one..

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