Miguel is eight years old walking to school

Every day he passes the pot head, crack dealer, and pill popper.

He is innocent though and not giving a care in the world.

No choose but to live in the projects that's all his mom can afford.

Daddy out the way but mom works three jobs.

Can't get a sufficient job because she isn't legal

No papers no dreams in this country.

Not knowing that each kiss good-bye for her son

Could be the last time she sees him

Miguel is ten years old walking to school

Every day he passes the pot head, crack dealer, and pill popper.

No choose but to dress like his enviornment not knowing better

Smart kid but distracted by others

His friends are fun to be with out of school but don't know when to be quite

Quite enough for him to learn because

Information can only nurish the mind with full attention.

Mom hardly around because of her two jobs

Seems like the environment is rasing Miguel

Miguel is thirteen years old walking to school

Every day he passes the pot head, crack dealer, and pill popper.

Little does he know that our country is divided

Projects here and Country Clubs over here

More like Poor people here and the Rich ones over there

Miguel knew nothing but projects

His friends all wanna be gansters and conerstore stealers

Miguel's mind no longer intrestd in school 

He learned that money cures a poor man's dreams.

Miguel wants all Jordans from 1-23 

He knows that money buys that 

and knowledge won't.

Easy money is the only way

but then again it's the hardest consequence to pay.

Miguel is fourteen years old walking to school

The pot head is his best friend along with the pill popper

Miguel's occupation is now crack dealer

Mom is in the dark because all she tried to do was give her son a life.

Miguel is seventeen years old walking to school

Today is different because he got arrested

His classmate talked crap about the pothead.

Hood taught Miguel that a punch or a bullet is what gains you respect.

Mom deported from the country and Miguel in jail

If our system is meant to help everyone achieve greateness

then why are there so many unsuccessful people.

Why is it that our society compettion is seen as a steeple

Only a few people get out from the hood.

Black and latinos are misunderstood

It's hard to succeded from a hood because there is no influence

What would have happened to Miguel if he was a private school student.

Just because they get arrested does not mean they are stupid

It does not mean that they are an ambiguous life

They are not a waste of a life

We have to teach that education is the key and

Anything is possible with a great influence



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