The Might of Sight


United States
25° 41' 57.7716" N, 80° 17' 36.4272" W

sudden realization of the sin
wondering where to begin
i open my eyes and see the difference
yet closed eyes, in my mind, knows no resistance
thats what’s important, right?
thats where the heart should be, right?
white brother and black sister
bonded because he went and kissed her
black white yellow red green purple blue
these colors are known by our sight
yet in our associations they find their might
they are what deceive us
not willing to relieve us
of this civil injustice
i want to be rid of this
not knowing where to start
not willing to be pulled apart
by the lies, the prophetic teachings
these lessons, which in fact are just pathetic preachings
the blind have it right
the deaf can’t understand the plight
we should be blind more
to understand that to judge by the actions and words
is the only valid form to be perceived
not by the color they were born in
that status is ascribed
let it be demystified
from here on out
be blind with eyes wide open
verify the power of the mind
my sisters and my brothers

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