Wed, 05/01/2013 - 21:12 -- Fionn


United States
42° 23' 45.186" N, 71° 10' 28.4088" W

Flying through the journey,
Dying in the chasm pit,
Although the mystery pulls me in,
Still wanting to crawl out with mighty.
I used to sleep all the time,
Even so, I hope to be natural.
Things alter so often,
Evolution processes gradually,
Even the eyes are blinking,
The world is not changing,
Still I feel I would excess the extraordinary,
I want to be "normal", as the way defined;
...... a free culprit without heavy chains, lives in prison;
...... a bird with the sound of beauty, uses it for courtship.
I know the dreams would change,
Nevertheless, the heart of dreams will not.
I am staying on the middle of the road,
...... awaiting the time of fruition,
...... the tasty one.
Knowing the wheel of the world,
Helping understand the misty mist.
I need the wisdom of trees,
....... the flawlessness of water,
....... the courage of fire,
For crossing through the center ...
... without standing on the midway...


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