Midnight Rose

Rippling pools in the moonlight,

your midnight eyes shine through the darkness.

The silver tears streak across your face like shooting stars.

When you look in the mirror all you see is black,

but I see the entire cosmos glimmering and shining,

each blink revealing some new hidden crevice in space.

Each stare chills me, the piercing sapphire ice freezing me in place.


With a touch as gentle as the summer breeze,

your fingers softly caress my face,

playing my heart like a piano.

Like a puppet master pulling the strings,

you shape me at your whim.

Your silken arms thread themselves ever so gently around my body,

each kiss pulling tighter and tighter until the silk is taught,

constricting my body and breath.

Like a soft noose around my neck, you weave your love,

pulling tight when I gasp for air.


Your petal lips at my throat consume all I have to give.

The smell of your skin is like rain, a drug filling my lungs.

Your dew drop eyes glisten on those rosy cheeks.

Your body, a lively stem, curls all over me

until your spiky thorns pierce my heart,

bleeding out until you quench your thirst.

I fall to my knees,

your roots covering and taking me in until we are one.

I think I love you, my midnight rose.


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