Micro to Macro

A heartbeat,

A breath,

The first light;

What a beautiful sight.


What a deep impact made,

What a memory saved,

Your mother’s face;

You’d rather be in no other place.


Time flies,

Time dies,

You grow;

Now, you are a part of humanity’s flow.


High school comes,

High school beckons,

Your first loves;

As sweet as a pair of doves.


The first is beautiful,

The first is human,

Forever together?

Go get her.


The second is  ballin,

The second becomes your family,

Make the team;

Let that smile beam.


The first breaks your heart,

The first steals a part,

Depression sets in;

No solace in your kin.


Forget about her,

Forget about the memories,

Go cold;

Don’t be so bold.


The second protects you,

The second relaxes you,

Sure we run and gun;

But it’s loads of fun.


Play basketball,

Play till your heart’s content,

It eases the pain;

As if lifted by a crane.


I made the team!

I made the team!

Now we have to work some;

Wins here we come.


The hard work paid off,

The hard work made the team successful,

We made history in our town;

Now, I don’t look like a clown.


How did I get from weak to strong?

How did I get from stupid to smart?

How did I get from nightmares to dreaming?

How did I get from micro to macro?


Ballin is the culprit,

Ballin is the answer,

It allowed for me to dream;

By being part of a team.


I’m ready for the mystery,

I’m ready for the future,

Ballin made sure I was,

No matter what I does,


Every day I thank God,

Or else I’d still be hidden in my pod.



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