Michelle Obama Sucks

American lawyer and writer, Michelle Obama, sucks and what I'm saying is true;

Calling herself a single mother when her husband was the President was what she would do.


Obama sucks because she had compared President Donald Trump to a divorced dad;

That Democratic bitch's words have made some pundits mad.


Obama sucks because she had said that the Americans are now living with a divorced dad and what she said is dumb;

Whoever believes that stupid ho should quit drinking rum.


Obama sucks because she believes that divorced dads are bad parents and that makes her a shitty fool;

Obama will never be cool.


Michelle Obama sucks everyday;

She needs her ass kicked and that's all I have to say. 

This poem is about: 
My country



I know that this is merely your own opinion but how could you say Michelle Obama a impactful black woman sucks.

Even to use such ignorant vernacular is ridiculous. 


If you read the recent news stories about her online, then you'll know why she sucks.  If you've watched videos of this bitch online, you'll know why she sucks.  If you read my poem about this bitch again, you'll understand why she sucks.  If you want to stick up for this black skank, then you definitely suck and you're definitely ridiculous.  I suggest that you avoid reading my other poems because you'll dislike them as well.  Good day to you, Melanin_Queen.

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