Who is this girl?
Who might she be?
I know who she is.
She's like a sister to me.


One may ask, how do you know her?
We met at a time when God knew,
I needed a friend, one so very true.
I needed someone to be there through ups and downs.
Someone I'd count on, to always be around.


I had lost some loved ones before we met.
And that is why I'll never forget,
How she was there. Right by my side.
We helped each other through this thing called life.
Not only was she there to pull me through,
She brought me to God and I became new.


They say friendship is not measured by miles or yards
But it is measured by the closeness of hearts.
This has been proven so very true, for
Though this girl may be as far as Kalamazoo,
But forever will she always be close by my side.
Not by physical presence but always inside.


Though we speak not every day,
We always feel close and never apart.
For she may be miles away, she'll always be close to my heart.


So you may ask, now who is she?
She is and always will be a miracle just for me.

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