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As I grew up, I was a boy and I did not care and I did not know.

The way I was living was just an average life.

All through school, my friends were your average losers.

                                  They gave me a whole perspective of how to live a life

And put the idea in my head that sin is life.

I went to church, I said I believed, but only because my mother made me.

I was a teenager; I went to parties.

I did things that should not be spoken.

I started to love, then I was broken.

After this, I could not love. I disrespected and ruined the souls that were pure and were of beauty

Rewind three years, I am a part of a youth group.

I made new friends and gained knowledge of a new way to live.

I fell in love with The Creator of Life, The Son of Man, The Son of God.

I tried my best to follow and failed countless times.

Continuing to destroy the souls, I could no longer live with myself.

I know he said to forgive yourself, but I could not.

I sit back and I scream for help. I say “My God forgive me, I am dying inside”.

The grief, the guilt, and the hatred of my being ate at my heart and I cannot move on.



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