only things people see in miami are the night lights that shine bright and the sunny beach full of girls sweet as georgia peach.  neon light clubs fancy cars sitting on dubs. well, in their eyes. their just seeing the suface of the wound, as you go deeper in the cut youll never see miami the same. house party rocking, hennesey drinking ,car bassing, having a good time, untill, wakeing up to fircrakers at 2am praying no one got hit. section8 housing 2 bedrooms 4 to a bed. romen noodles the daily diet. 7am yellow tape, body bag just tell me the name. never safe, even thugs are afraid to walk out their gates. its a gamble stepping outside. you could get hit any time of day when the guns spray, no running away. bags and bags just stack like sheets. kids getting snactched, heads getting cracked. didnt reach the bone yet. its a battlefield keep on your helmet. never know when their coming, 8 trucks in the front 5 in the back. "come out with your hands up" not knowing theyre strapped. not going down with out a fight, been trappin all night. dread locks, gold grills, in all black you know the deal. home invasion going crazy "no not the baby!" bang! 7 bodies in 3 days, some think its hell but i call it home. a place that get you stronger after every fight win or loss, a place lost many soldiers, a place where sports are the only meal ticket out, a place where everyone at a party has a killer tucked under their belt, a place that help me see the real from the fake, a place i will always come back to and love . Miami. 


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