Tue, 03/09/2021 - 16:21 -- CNNeely

He made me feel 

Like the sun

The center of his universe

That he revolved around

Until he didn’t 


He made me feel

Like the moon

His calm light

In his world of darkness

Until he didn’t 


He made me feel

Like the stars

Each part of me

A beautiful constellation

Highlighted against the dark night sky

Until he didn’t


The day that he came to the conclusion

My light was too bright

But at the same time

He was greedy for more of it

He yearned for the light

That he has lost from his own

He yearned for what wasn’t his to take



In the dark basement

Of his parents house

Where it smelled like sweat and cigarettes

On the couch

Who’s springs had given up long before

He took my light


In the house whose stairs 


like a rusty gate

He stole everything I had to give

Swallowing me whole with the darkness

He was made of


I no longer felt like

The sun, moon, or the stars

I felt like a meteor

Just a brilliant flash of light

Until I was smashed into

A million pieces 

My light faded to nothing

And I turned to dust

Swirling around in the darkness

Of space

Without meaning

Leaving me broken


In the dark


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