Metaphors Might Make Me




I am the inspiration in a writer’s colorful, exotic, painting.

I am the warmth in a fuzzy pair of winter mittens.

I am the bright segment of colors in a dull room.

I am the skyscrapers that sway above the clouds of Manhattan.

I am the chorus to every song.

I am the bag that sticks to a person’s side day by day, hustling and bustling through the crowd.

I am the energized heart that beats with every activity.

I am the one in a billion lottery ticket just waiting to be snatched from the counters.

I am the spirit that everyone searches for, yet never discovered.

I am an unknown galaxy that ceases to exist in the eyes of earth’s natives.

I am the voice that nobody listens to until it is gone.

And I am the one who is taken for granted day by day.


I am a soul, I am a soul.

I stand in good relation to my world.

I stand in good relation with my mind.

I stand in good relation to my family.

And I am a soul, another “ordinary” soul…



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