I  see blue irises

A too-large shirt hangs limply over my body

There is dried paint on my hands

A conversation about planets and stardust swims its was out of the salty tears

Blue irises

Every white car is you

A side of the bed is left vacant

I cling to routine

I cling to books

I cling to hope


The 4 am street lights radiate pure energy against the black hood

The sky is velvet and I am so alive

We are something new

Something fresh and pure

Surrounded by the items from decades before

I warn to not break anything

Leave everything unchanged

Leave no scars 

I cling to the trees scattered along the shoreline

I cling to the railing atop the world's tallest hill

I cling to you as the sunset melts your black iris into thick caramel

I have realized and learned and appreciated

I have accepted and now I am moving forward

I am understood and submerged in love

Unlike the last time we passed this section of our sun

I have severed those parasitic relations and transformed 

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