I was a girl,

afraid to come out of her cocoon.

Afraid of what others thought.

I slowly crumpled.

Into a ball of dust.

Thorns started to bleed,

inside my soul.

Shards of glass,

stuck on my skin.

Pull each one out,

find my secrets.



Time moved,

farther away.

Left me in the dry Sahara.

To wash away.

I danced,

until my feet,


Then I began,

to lose.


of myself.

self trust.

self confidence.

The ability to believe.

So I ran, and ran

with nowhere to turn.

Jump the fence.

Smack into a wall.

I land crooked,

no padding to break,

my fall.

I dust my pants,

run through the grass.

Kneel down and find,

Something dear.

That I lost.

Self confidence.

pick it up,

run it through your hands,

and throw it up in the air.

Feel the empty holes,



A warmth,

in the center.

Build it into towers,


and proud.

Arrows of hope shoot,

them down.

Bring out the swords,

Slay in half.

Hear the dragon’s fiery roar,

burst of flames,

and ashes.

Before I knew it,

it was gone.


and searching.

I tried

escaping the boa constrictor,

round my heavy heart.

I stretched out

like a tiger,

                                                    ready to attack.

Calm and controlled.

Like a porcelain doll,

I picked up my pieces.

Glued them


with self trust.

Slithering out,

of my cocoon.

Out into the sun.

Spread my wings,

long and proud.

I fought my battle.


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