Metal House

Dear Devil,



You sneaks into my house at night 

Paralyzing our voices when need to be spoken And poking at heartbroken woman with no windows 

I believe you loves our type of sorrow 

The sorrow that’s covered up by jokes and smiles so frowns don’t live on our face as they should God knows those are our real expression 

You take our happiest moments and turns them into our harshest memories which lead to emotions that haunt our souls 

You  fold our pride cause you know sooner or later the ladder that holds us up will fall again 

Cause you just know sooner or later the ladder that holds us up will fall again 

You love to make a scene 

Putting light bills in plain sight to fight the intentions of my mothers joke knowing my father doesn’t make enough 

You stirs up shit so good you don't have to make a sound to start a riot 

It starts by a push a shove and brush you brings out the biggest guns I’ve ever seen before and turn our dream into…. well you know 

The monsters under my bed can’t touch me when the light is out but when your in the house the monster in my head play hopscotch on my scalp 

I think you chose us 

Because you seeks out loopholes we go through to make our pain disappear and clear our conscious but when you punch in

This residence turns into a jungle

Fever wouldn't know what hit when that favorite soldier the almighty come in my house 

My home becomes Hell if not the hottest place in the world 

Breathing on our necks whispering in my our ears fight 

It’s like you teach us this repetitive lesson of forgive but never forget except without the forgive part 

See this man has the power to make cheaters stutter

You give my mother her psychotic breaks 

And rips my sisters heart with I can’t do this anymore messages and miscarriages from first time sex

Kills my brother dreams by words of hate 

And breaks the silence of my prayers with fists full of rage with no name that knocks me into next week 

Your always in my refrigerator taunting me but I always look and get the same results because sometimes I forget we struggle again 

See this man shows up out of nowhere worse then my fucking period  

But you  chose us cause you feeds on not our struggles but our strength  

And though I am the only Leo I was raised in a lion's den 

So you think you sneaks into my house at night 

Yet we welcome you 

With matts before you enter 

Cookies on the plate the holidays giving you the same respect as saint nick 

You  do grant us ultimate strength 

We make you palates beside our bedrooms floors 

Filling your head with superiority and heart with audacity 

See you choice us because you knows were open to be broken 

But we know the ladder that  you've tried pushed down

The walls of cries from sins we think we commit 

And struggles that we have already overcome 

Will disappear in the morning 

When you've  run away 

Out of ways to defeat and out feet still plant the ground
I mean like steel they plants into the ground 

You can't move us 

The death storm didn't even tear us apart 

We built the brick house that runs the wolf out of business, so now what

But it has been a pleasure 

Till we meet again tomorrow night 


                  Sincerely, Me


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My family
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