Messy Messy Messy


I am a five foot two mess.
I do not understand the world around my body as the world only understands my soul.
I have no idea how life is supposed to roll out,
no idea how I feel half the time,
and I always feel an empty spot that yearns for
something more.

I am a five foot two mess hiding behind eyes that scream intimidation.
I always try to look as cool, calm, and held together as possible only for the sole fact that maybe,
just maybe,
for the sheer coincidence that only the stars and moon know I am crumbling,
but no other being does.

My mask is one that I wear every day because it is my primary ambition of what I wish to
I am the future and I am a hero in my own skin but sometimes
even heroes have kryptonite and mine is my own mind.
I am so much bigger than I make myself out to be,
my own mind and ideas show that,
they are also the villians that make me feel like the five foot two mess that I see in the mirror,
from time to time.

I am a five foot two body,
that has the power of intimidation, the cripple of fear, the creativity of imagination,
and the height of a lamb but the soul of a tiger,
all wrapped into one beautiful being,
who I should wear more often.


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