Messy Intentions


United States
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She was an artist, 

She was a beautiful, lost soul, 

Everyone knew she would change the world,

Except for her, 

She did not know what she would do, 

She did not know her potential, 

She did not know the lives she impacted on the daily,

This girl was different, unique, inspiring, 

But her confidence was taken away 

Her purpose was taken away, 

All because of a guy who said goodbye too soon, a guy with a cold heart and messy intentions. 

This girl is different, unique, inspiring, 

She will impact thousands of lives on the daily, 

She is filled with potential, 

She will find her purpose, 

She is going to change the world, 

She has a beautiful soul, 

She is an artist, 

And she is not going to let some guy take that away. 

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Absolutely beautiful.

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