A Message to my Youth

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 19:12 -- kaiw223


The youth, and pride of the people of this world
Corruption is settling deep within the core of all human kind
It’s like an infection spreading through each and every mind  
And it is only a matter of time,
Until each and every one of your lives,
Come to an end….
So let me ask YOU!
What are you truly living for?
What are your dreams? Your goals?
What lies in your future?
What is its meaning?
You, my youthful friend,
You are the future of this world
Your time shouldn’t be wasted,
Wandering about doing meaningless deeds
You all need to get up, get out, and DO SOMETHING…. PLEASE!
Life…. It’s a much bigger picture than just, laying about, wandering, and waiting aimlessly for a chance to be successful 
It’s about working hard, while doing what you love, while obtaining success and helping your fellow brethren with their strife 
But then again,
Ignorance is only bliss 
And I guess you can all pretend as if you know what’s best for your own world’s by 
divulging into temptations and becoming the mis-fed animals of society
So you can all enjoy a limited life of pride, self consciousness and limitations
The choice is yours 
Choose the blue pill, or choose the red pill
The truth will always set you free,
Or your souls shall seize to be
Either way you look at it, you’ll still be a part of this earth, 
A place we all seem to call our home, in each our own worlds 
But the difference will be in the individual’s hands 
So let me ask you
Where do you see yourself and the person sitting next to you in the next 10 years?...
A place where we can all live in peace, harmony and brotherhood?
Or a society built upon corruption, warfare, and slavery?
The World is Yours, my youth….


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