A Message to the Media Through Alliteration

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 22:24 -- jac244

  Look at the media and tell me what you see...

Mostly it will be death, violence, and the worst of humanity.

Im here to tell you that is not all reality, in fact the lies spread throughout the T.V are all hypocrisy.

Only once we know the truth it can set us free and expand our minds for all eternity.

Now I give you my plea, to all media sourcery, quit instilling hate, fear & paranoia into our society.

    Use positivity to show everyone how to live happily,

    Speak of coming together socially to bring peace & harmony to every community

    Help bring tranquility, spread love like violence and once again human kind can live together compassionately

Verse 2

     Look at the media and tell me what you see...

Mostly it will be lots of sports and the latest moves of a celebrity.

Quit covering up what we need to see and move us forward conscientiously.

Our mother Earth that gave us life and beauty is in great danger because we are carelessly destroying its balanced complexicity.

A child is dying every 10 seconds due to a malnourished body,

yet theres more concern over the latest sport hobby.

Millions of people suffer through poverty while the few with power live in luxery.

Why is'nt it shown how our military is unrecognizingly sacrificing so selflessly to protect our country...

    The list goes on, but media cant you see that through change you can do so much to actually HELP humanity?

With a voice so powerfully, so much can be solved by motivationally using great words moving us forward progressively.

Please take this plea and do some good for you & me.




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