A Message Of The Cross

Tonight you maybe hurting perhaps your at a bar ? No that someone cares about you deeply far more then you could ever imagine. You maybe sitting on the sidelines of life wondering what this life has in store for me ? You weren't created to live in fear & isolation. No his love was such just to cause some of us to follow. You maybe thinking thoughts of suicide, addiction & vice. Well friends turn your hearts and lives over to the awaesome care of Jesus Christ. He died on a wooden cross over 2,000 years ago for all the world to see. He took the awful blow of the Roman soldiers cause he had you in mind. Your very heart & soul was and still is on his mind. Jesus Christ loves you and wants a relationship with you. One that will last for all eternity. If one individual hears this account it will make my life worth the living. To share the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone will to hear & receive. Amen.

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