Message From an Angel

What happened to you
You used to dream out loud
Reach for the stars expand your horizons
Yes life gets hard
Trying times and a career to find
You're confused
Mentally you need to make up your mind
Grand decisions
You learned young that love cuts like incisions
You learned young
That everything in life isn't always fun
It takes work
Man must work by the light of the sun
The sweat of the brow the night hours
And even when no one is around to see you
What's a witness
It doesn't matter who believes you
Believe in you
Cause in the end that's all you'll have
And it's the best person you'll ever know
This world is cold as the winter snow
In a winter storm like a blizzard
And as heartless as a sinner's soul
But keep faith
Fight on for what you want
And if that's to be great
Make your history and choose your fate
And let God lead you
Therefore your heart won't go astray
And be the best you
And live faithful all your days

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