A Message to America


Is it possible to diverge from an ethnocentric view?

Why do people have to try and make others “civilized,”

They don’t get to understand the people’s culture,

Instead try and change them into the “better” ways.

The view from which many Americans stand,

Superior to others,

More important…

Does that really make another culture wrong?



Or is it that this is actually xenophobia?

Fearing the strange or unknown?


The shunning of a Hispanic worker.

Looking away from the Indian who has the Bindi on her head.

The imperceptible movement away from the neighbor,

The neighbor who moved here from Iraq.

He has a long beard, wears different clothes,

He has to be a terrorist, right?

He is speaking a different language,

And I don’t understand it,

“Speak English, you’re in America”


This is wrong though,

Do you now know the sacrifices made by them?

Be redeemed from these viewpoints.

Embrace others and let them see;

They are welcomed.

They are part of America.

They are a part of the United States.

Be happy you let someone who            


Looks different than you,

Acts different than you,

Worships a different god than you,

Eats different foods than you,

And who is a different person than you,


Into your life without judging them.


Learn their history,

And enrich your own.



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