Left or Right.

Up or Down.

There is no middle ground.

Feminism or Misogyny.

Racism or Tolerance.

There is no middle ground.

America is now like wings of a bird.

We are divided, with no compromise.

There is no middle ground.


We look at our youth, protesting every event, big or small.

We respond with hate and bigotry, with hashtags.

What is  happening to America?

A country once based upon liberty and independence,

is now full of spite and animosity.

We lash out screaming racial slurs and holding

signs, figurative and literal, showing resentment.


Look to the children of the next generation, our future learners,

our contributors to society.

Is this what we want them to grow up to?

Do we want them to live in a society of rancor and spite?

Like a land between two rivers, America needs to foster

ideals of tolerance and compromise.

Promote love and kindness.

Promote patience and compassion.

Promote the search for a middle ground.


Left and Right.

Up and Down. 


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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