She was stuck. Stuck in a daydream, stuck in her life, stuck in every aspect that made her who she was. She felt that life and love and excitement were happening all around her but she was excluded from it all.

It seemed to her a lot like being on a merry-go-round. Watching everything blur past you and continue to happen while you're stuck in that one spot spinning and spinning until you just want to get off. The sad thing for her was, is that she could never get off the ride.

She reached her hands out towards the lights and people and noise but every time it was in vain. Her Hands always remained empty. She was in a perpetual twirl. But her heart was full and her hope was strong and ever once in a while her eyes would focus and catch a tiny glimpse of something magical. Something that kept the fire in her soul from burning out. 

She hoped that one day the merry-go-round would stop and she would dance among the stars and people that had always been a mystery to her.


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