The Mermaid's Father

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 00:13 -- Anarec

Deriving from a single articulation 

Are the eyes that close slightly

In the supposition that there is a cation 

Sprouts the intuition of the anion

The appellation is such that the sky hazes over 

How pleasant is the voiceover 

Their cells perfectly described and attributed

The obstinate silence quite distributed

Wholly occupied to kiss

Dependent on the exertions of the bliss

The conclusion could kill the consolation

Of his mind touching her peach fuss

The comprehension of the enormity

How could they be in cognation?

The finger prods the head, it's superfluous

The lips feel in nonconformity 

The fever and the illnesses were stopt before

It's all in the wondrous bookstore

How to describe to command and commend

a deep interest abounding

The heart swelling

I will not explain the unintelligible particular

lest it burn up with too many consonants and vowels

Participating all in the sounding 

Of the fancying of two livers and

esophagus, dwelling

Of that red stained paper towel 

The cracks of them wrapped by a bandage

That his highness decided to brandish as unjust outlandish

Now they








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