Mere Reflection

I look in a mirror. I see my reflection. But it is not me.

It may look like me, but from a different era. A different time. 

She does not look like me. She is not me. That girl in the mirror.

She is of a different state. A different age. A different mind.

She looks north. I see south. A smile lights up her face. I smirk and get by.

We are not the same. Her and I.

She never expected to be where I stand today. Yet here I am. Full circle.

She was content. I am restless. Her future screamed freedom. I feel trapped.

She is not I. And I am not her. We are a mere reflection. She is my past. I am her future.

Would she recognize me if we met? Would she be happy to see who I am?

In truth, I miss her. I wish she was here. But that reflection has changed. She no longer exists. So here I am in her place.

I stand strong ready for life. Would she be proud of who I have become?

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