Thu, 03/16/2017 - 09:54 -- Luvenia

Give in to disrespect, it wasn't in me 

until I found that their words of encouragment were never for but yet against me

i've always wondered why i felt the way i do, or what was in me

and when my paranoia truned bright blue that's when it hit me 

I've been betrothed to a house of lies 

a house where people precieve things from a one perspective mind

a house that seem to lay waste to all happiness over time 

a house where my truth lay at the bottom of the barrel but my resentment seemed to rise

and so late at night I'd look in the mirror with hatred in my eyes

and i'd began to hate myself 

and it seems my thoughts began to scream if you just bleed I bet it'd help

but the whisper in my ear said baby girl you need to feel 

some people are so stuck within themselves they can't distinguish fake from what is real

and so I let go 

I got on my knees and prayed in a way that I had never preayed before

and the voice that whispered back said 

stop looking through the window and just open up the door.

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