Why would you name a boy dog that?

A mercedes has style, my dog has style.

He walks with a twist, to let you know "I have arrived."

His tail is of the highest caliber of cascading exellence. 

He's liable to hop up in my lap to let me bask in it lovliness.

And his bark.

Oh, he means business.

If he doesn't know you, don't touch.

His bite may be little, but they are in fact worse than his bark.

He isn't all spice and sass.

He curls up into this warm, furry ball, and just lays.

He's also very sweet.

He can sense a bad mood, and if its sadness he'll come near. 

Oh, but if it's anger he'll scatter like a theif into the night. 

Speaking of him and running, you would never think it but he is fast.

We've given up on catching him as a family, because he just tires us out.

My dog is a playful delight, or a furry fun ball, or a marvelous mutt.

Well he's all of the above, and because of that

I could never do without.

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