The Mer-Girl And She

She wanders to the water
Tears almost pouring down her cheeks
Down into the water

She dreams
For the ability
To finally breathe
Wishing for

The calming
Sounds of the waves
To swallow her

For the blanket
Of water to cover her

As she strips down dropping
Her clothes to the ground

She leans over the edge
And sees
Her reflection
And another's
Not quite human
Staring up at her

With turquoise skin
And sea-green eyes
Smiling pleasantly

The girl dips her hand
Into the Lagoon below
And the mysterious girl

From the blue
Lifts her hand up too
Wrapping her fingers around
The girls wrist

In a voice
Oh so mesmerizing

"Come join me my dear
In this
Beautiful Lagoon
For your eyes
Are full of pain
And so beautifully blue"

The human girl whispered
Oh So Soft

And gently
Let the Mer-Girl
Pulled her into the deep
There she could breathe

Her worrisome life
Left up top
Her new life
In that watery blue

She smiled too
No longer needing to cry
Or fake a smile to get by

And the Mer-Girl  so dear
Wrapped her arms
Around the human

"Stay with me
And you will see
The world in a different way
Taste my lips
With the Forbidden kiss
And together we will be trapped
In an underwater world"

"In which pain ceases to exist
A world of love
And Bliss
Where happiness is a deep Abyss
And joy is a must"

"Join us my dear
For we were once like you

"Secretly Wanting
The Pain to End
And sleep to begin
We are free

"Just a kiss
And you will see
How happy
You are truly
Meant to be"

And as she spoke
The human girl
Listened intently

"What do I have to lose
Heavenly this sounds
Hopeful I feel "

And as she thought
The Mer-Girl hoped
She would say yes

And place a kiss
Upon her lips

Also worried she was too
For the human
Had to pass a test

In which she couldn't stay
Or explain
In any way

While the human
Still lost in thought

The lovely Mer-Girl
Released a tear
Turning into a lovely
That floated to her
And beautiful
Was it

The human
Looked in shock
And the Mer-Girl
Placed it into her hand
Kissing it

The Mer-Girl
into the humans eyes
And she saw
The human did
Want to try
And survive
In this beautiful

So the human
Leaned  towards
The Mer-Girl
And gently
Their lips touched

The Mer-Girl
Clasped the humans hand
Causing the
Sphere of a tear
To snap
In half

And with a gasp
The human
And sucked in a breath

And the Mer-Girl
Her skin turn a beautiful blue
And her eyes shifted
To turquoise

Her ears
Became pointed
Her limbs
And long
Till the legs fused together

And the human now belonged.
Skin bare
Yet feeling free
She swam around

Her Mer Girl
So sweet
Locking hands
And pressing lips together
Yet again

Sparks surrounded them
And the underwater Abyss grew

Was what the once-human girl felt
Love bloomed
In her chest

And her Mer Girl
Whispered her name through her beautiful lips
"I am Sirena"

"And I am Angelica" the once human girl said

"Angel" Sirena said
"Is what you are here
And forever
We will stay"

"You and me
Day upon day
Night upon night"

"Happiness to follow us
Wherever we go"

"Welcome to your heaven
Angel Dear.
I cannot wait
To spend forever here"

And with the waves
They danced

And laughing
And kissing

An Angel had found her Siren
And a Siren her Angel

With whispered words
They spread their love
And forever

Lovely tunes
Laughter Heavenly

No longer forbidden
But loved

And together they stay
Dancing away
Singing everyday
Fingers intertwined

Two Mer-Folk
One with eyes of turquoise
The others
Seaweed green

Causing the beautiful
Colors in the Lagoon

Day after day
Flowers bloom around them
Up on the surface the flowers stay

But Sirena knew
Angelica gave up her life
In that gorgeous lagoon

Just as she did
Years ago
Waiting for love so true

And finally
They are at peace

Because sometimes
An ending
Is just a beginning

A chance to start new
And be happy
Through and through

So there they dance
As more broken girls come
Starting fresh

In that lagoon
Of forever peace
Is what they call it

And happiness
Is what they find
So come with me
To this lagoon
Let you and I start anew...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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