A Mentor?

My mentor was trappped in another world

in my tormentors

PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

a supression of myself

I've stuggled against it,

I've tried to deny them

It made me feel as though I didn't fit.

Inside my mind became a prison sentence.

I became fragile

I became unstable

I was easily broken

a breath of disaproval shattered me to pieces

a constant numbness from the mental scars

a wandering mind in a forest of selfhate

as many times as i've broken

as many tears as i've cried

as many screams as I've muffled my screams

I still survived

I pulled myself from these depths

I perservered when breathing in air felt like a gas posioning

I took my tormentors 

and carved out my mentor

a deeply hidden self love

secret to myself 

known to no-one else

yet she still remained 

she, my mind, stained

and she is the reason 

I am no longer pained

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