A Mental Cage

Mon, 08/19/2013 - 10:39 -- ShaQ24


I'm holding in pain. It's stressing my brain. Forever cold hearted I departed the flame.  I tried to reignite, it just ain't the same. Now my dreams I let them hang like a picture in frame.  I walk around with my head down pondering life. My Dad left but I still got to honor him right? Single mother trying best teaching things that he couldn't. Probably felt like she failed when her son was in bookings.  Charged with a felony only at sixteen. Burglarizing homes just to get green.  It happened for a reason so I'm glad I was caught. Cause if not i would of deferred all the lessons it taught.   Like how bad company corrupts good character.  Life and death is in the power of your vernacular.  Faith is the key, an adversity battler. I was on trail and still a world traveler.  Trizz how you do that? Uh, Your cool at; just being yourself and I tell them it's nothing to that.  Just know who you are. Don't follow these stars. Cause soon or later, they'll supernova dissipate in the far.  You got to reinvent everything, nothing the same. No gravity in my mind; moonwalk from the fame.  If we on the same road I'ma swerve on you lame. Like I'm fighting Triple H I'm destroying "The Game".  So precise with my aim and these lyrical shots. I Got so many bars I'll Miranda the cops.  I'm on a world tour right now speaking my life. I gave it up now I'm blessed, cause I'll live it twice. #REGIME  


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