Me,Myself and I

Me,Myself and I as one we colide as one are strong as steal i feel immortal and will never die. Going through the day with time by my side as friend and enemy seeing life both ways as a frienemy but surviving artistacly and confidently through the eye of people they will never understand. Grasp the love for people who should be treated as equal but who are not treated as real that should be the plan of the man. By man as in my father i was born supposedly an angel but came from a monster. Strong minded and strong souled the words that i speak to people never get old i want the world to know my triumphs and my story without any of my set backs who can say i have any glory. i love the right and the wrong no matter sex orientation im bisexual and proud but thats not the situation.  Happy everyday but with a fake smile i low key still dont know my place but that place will soon be mine with gods love and grace. I will admit im a shorty with a voice that people cant handle people bring me down but i break through the shackles. Coming from the streets of new york can change a man but turn a girl into woman thats what guys dont understand. Coming from the struggles to no worries is something ive been wanting for a while now excuse me for my hurry. I'm nice, sweet,funny and crazy and ill admit sometimes alil lazy but dont take my niceness for weakness or think im a puppy with cute brown eyes cause this puppy got a bite and nobody knows me better than me,myself and i.

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