Memory Lane

On top of my drawer is a brown Converse shoe box,

A box full of good and happy memories, both new and old.

There is a heart- shaped jewelry case made of porcelain,

The porcelain has roses wrapping around the delicate top.

In the delicate case is an amazing handmade bracelet,

made by someone very special to me, two years ago.

Red and black colors with ribbons hang on the elastic.

A black box with a small lock and key in its special spot,

inside is white with a soft cushion on top of a love letter.

On the cushion sits a gold ring, with a flower-like shape,

a bright shining diamond sits in the middle with two bands.

A ring full of, not just money value, but a stronger value to me.

On my drawer sits a box, case and ring box full of memories.

A box full of memories that I need to strive.

Without this, I fear I will be lost,

Lost in a world without knowing who I am,

All I need is this box full of value to me,

To find out who I am in order to strive

By: Maria Zarate-Lopez


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