Memory Lane (2013 Scholarship)


I always thought that I could fly

But your words..and your punches kept me separated from the sky

Next stop, memory lane.

Land of the insane, I don’t like making many trips there.

See there, you can find Depression Avenue where you’ll see

the most beautiful buildings decorated in all my screwed up thoughts and obsessions.

Over there, that’s anxiety road

Not many people live there but the windows… are draped in sheets of angelic white.

Where you’ll see cobblestones that are made from my fears and frustrations.

Each step on that trail kissed by my own self loathing and the words…you used to say to me

Step one, you’ll never be shit.

Step two, All you are is a fucking cripple.

Step three, You think kids like you make it out of places like this?

Step four, now that’s when you start to get to where the ghosts and ghouls live.

Let’s back track, see Anxiety Road isn’t where you wanna be

Come with me

I’ll take you to the intersection of Sodom and Gomorrah.

That’s where I keep all the places I’ve never seen

and all the people I’ll never be.

The girls I could never have

The life that I wish I had.

You are merely a passenger on this acid trap

Go and pack up your bags.

I’ve made this place out of unhappy homes and failed aspirations.

Sometimes when you stay here too long…you can still hear them.

The smell of these neighborhoods, drenched in cheap corner store liquor and Newport cigarettes.

I don’t like making many trips here

I’d much rather cut off these ties.

Vacation in the ville of dreams

and rest in the land of the wise.

But I’m here.

Stuck in Memory Lane..

and I’m still trying to figure how to get out.

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