the memory game

Wed, 09/24/2014 - 10:03 -- JMgray

Late nights I sit and reminisce about all the memories that could've should've would've but don't exist. .. then I close my eyes and subcome to bliss and wonder why in the world does my mind love to shift ill b in japan sky diving off a tower then land in that one time we made love longer than a hour or out runnin an avalanche made or roaring white snow then think of those chimp monk cheecks and the last time I watched you go.... then ill fall head first spiraling down then think of my and my boys at lunch goofing around as I slam dunk in to my body sit up and lean back its a usual hobby relax kick back and get drunk off blisss .....shifty mind like the sands of Time late night I sit and reminisce. .. yea I reminisce


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