When I was four I had my first memory.

Before that all I remmber was darkness-

which scared me.


I made my way out to the living room.

A firl and a women were in there.

The women was my Mom

the girl-

I don't remember.


I wish I could.


My memories are the one thing I cannot live without,

because my memorie contain everything I am.


I am a advantures girl learning to ride her bike,

I am a acne caked face in elementry school,

I am rivers of tears ; sad, happy, scared, and joyful.


I am a girl, scared of losing everything.


but with my memories I've lost nothing.

in my head I live 365 more days a year-

I am picking flowers while kicking through snow.


My Grandma, who no longer holds my hand lives in my memory.

her laugh echo's, her stories haunt me, and every once in a while I can smell her.

and though that makes me miss her-

she lives forever in my memory.


I who is n longer a toddle, a child, or teen.

all my years learning and growing are written down in volumes

stored in the libary of my mind.


Every birthday I could remember, every first day and last,

all my midstones, friends, summers, and laughs are tattoedin my mind.


I could live without everything-

everything but my memory,

Which I've been growing for 18 years now.


Because everything I've ever loved,

ever known,


and smelled

are packed away,

in my memory.

This poem is about: 
My family


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