Memories of You

As I reflect on my life,

And aimlessly pounder;

I find my mind drifting,

Seeking memories of my father.

It's been years since I saw him,

We live in two different worlds.

As I remember our last summer,

My whole body begins to whirl.

The trees were so lively,

So green and so gay.

My father was so grateful,

To everyone and everyday.

His eyes shinned so brightly,

Day in and day out.

His voice spoke softly,

With ease and no doubts.

His hands have me guidance;

They taught me great things.

His mind was ever ending,

Filled with wisdom and dreams.

His hair glistened white,

Like snowy mountaintops.

He loves me endlessly,

And will never stop.

He fills me with hope,

With passion and with love.

He whispers sweet nothings,

From the heavens up above.

He is my one and only,

This I know with no doubts.

Yet the thing I love most,

Is what I must live without.


This poem is about: 
My family


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