Memories Lost in the Clock

Fri, 11/01/2019 - 15:45 -- ansongm



It’s 5:30 so I wake up

To a day I know is going to be long  

The T.V is on and all is going on wrong.

Breaking news, but it’s not really news:

A boy has been shot and he looks just like me,

The cop has been caught, but he’s allowed to go free.

The car drives away leaving a body on the ground,

Mother’s crying loud, I hear as I look around,
Their child’s story just became another replica, 

Of the life of the black man in America

But in this world it doesn’t matter and, 

In the greater scheme they’re just “another number.”

Nowhere is safe

The roads aren't safe, the mall isn't safe, the school isn’t safe

And if my name is Stephon Clark from Sacramento,

Then my backyard isn’t safe

Cause i’m gonna get shot at twenty times.
Since my phone is a gun taking the cops’ lives

Its 6:30 so I tell my parents goodbye,

Hoping it won’t be the last time I see them eye to eye. 

8:30 at school and the fire alarm rings,

Happens so much now, it’s like fear pulling strings

And I know it’s bad, but I can’t help thinking it

That it’s time for this place to be in the headline

So can someone please tell me why

Kids go to school, praying that they don’t die

How far will things go 

Man, I really don’t know

Nowadays, school isn't just a learning environment

It’s the newest shooting range, 

‘Cause violence wants a change

And the target of the gun

Is the life of your son

12:00 and it’s time for lunch

A kid sits to eat, but you see, he doesn't like the meat

And the milk is too warm

Next to him “cool kid” got a stain on his shoe

Oh no, God forbid, his soles are no longer blue

All around, I see ignorance 

Clouded by a mist of innocence

‘Cause while we’re over here whining about lunch

A young girl somewhere doesn’t even have a lunch

And while the stain on the Jordan 6’s on your feet may hurt your look

The poor, barely 6, boy somewhere doesn't even have a look

‘Cause he’s been living his whole life with a barefoot

2:00 and the final bell rings

The growing pains the busride home brings

Yo shut up, that’s why you’re trash at fortnite says student a to b

What bro, talk smack when you want to fight me 

And I say to myself

So why can’t we all just be nice 

There is too much negativity going around

People giving hate as if it doesn't make a sound

I’m almost fed up and I need to be alone

But the bus stops and suddenly I’m home

3:00 and math homework really has me stressed out

Why is x to the 0 power 1, can’t figure it out 

At least I got education, ‘cause some are in a much dire situation

It’s 9:30 so I climb into bed

Events of the whole day bustling in my head

Slowly, I close my eyes 

And wonder, Tomorrow in what world will I rise

And I let myself get a sliver of hope

That maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be different

The world no longer at the tip of a slope

And my God up above, would’ve shown us his love

11:59 and I’m dreaming in the time

When there is no crime and peace is in the prime

And nobody is getting shot cause of the way they look

When old poverty victims can now afford a book

So in our dream, it’s now 12:00

And we hope to see these memories lost in the clock


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