In Memoriam


United States
41° 44' 7.2924" N, 88° 7' 9.7536" W

Words on a page: deceptively simple.
Some ink, scratches, lines and dots;
but small and still, they whisper and ripple
of life, beauty, feelings and thoughts.

It's a magic, really: a curious kind,
wonders built from within the mind
that swim, bubble, run and fly
and you barely even have to try

Ink, scratches, lines and dots
guided by hand and purpose to tell
of the mysteries of a soul. If there's magic in thoughts,
is it any wonder that to write, we first must spell?

And to keep them safe, treasured for time,
needn't cost more than a dime.
Paper and pen, or keys in a row
your musings preserved, for the future to know.


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