Melted Strawberry Jam

Ba-bump ba-bump


Melted strawberry jam pools around my knees

From my sister where I am seated 

Jelly clinging to me tight reminds me

Of the horror I’ve committed

The substance would not as much please

Though sinfully sweet it may seem

Sour and bitter are it’s only realities

Such desire has gone and left me




Yet, the bloodstream 

Still a silky syrup and sticky to the touch

Was once a haunted dream

An unforgotten grudge

But with a sharpened knife

The leaves of life were sliced off

My dream has come to life

The red flesh is forever soft


Ba-bump ba-bump



Where’s the heart?

My claws scratch through her marshmallow skin

Tearing through the layers of tart

Apricot peels and peaches within

At last! The strawberry 

Freckles my skin 




The strawberry love

I had never received

Finally drips its sickly juice down my hands

Careful now

Gentle now

Do not let go to waste the jam

This poem is about: 
My family
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