Melt The Ice

I'm home and I'm alone. 

I have family and personal issues so I beg for a clone. 

My dad tries talking to me but I tell him to "leave 

me alone".

Ive turn cold, I can't even imagine what it's like to grow old.

I honestly don't wanna see my life unfold.

Coloring this book of life grey, coloring my flesh with lines 

as blood over flows every which way.

Im dying slowly, still ever so lonely.

Needing a girl as perfect as you to hold me.

I don't know what's wrong I just don't feel like the old me.

I don't feel like crying only feeling like you owe me.

Owe me and explication explain the situation from my 

mothers allegations I'm the worst.

Can't fix myself so I rehearse an appointment with the hearse.

Take this life away, take what was given and give me a box 

to lay my head for I am tired and want to be taken away.

Take this all from me like a frost bitten leg amputated it away.

I'm just a troubled boy who knows no love just the coldest of days.

The coldest shoulders all turn my way.

The coldest hugs freeze my heart in place.

The coldest smiles, throw mine away.

This is honestly just me speaking creeping slowly to death

not wishing for Gods final test I'm sorry Lord.






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