How much does it take to push someone over the edge?
Sometimes a touch imprint can make me fall over the roots
hitting mountain rocks and thorns of weeds 
a trapeze artist doing tricks 
with scars and thick black blood rising to the surface 
of the imperfect delicate skin. 
Hitting the bottom 
a freight train 
has breaks that aren't instant
losing the impressions of sanity 
leaving my brain unzipped
wanting to obliterate itself.
Watching the iridescent dress zip slowly down 
feeling the touch of special nothings 
so used to being used 
that drive the impulse of psychosis 
Megapixels that haunt me
through out the diurnal day. 
Romantic clickable squares  
Megapixels assemble to become my match 
a string cutting off the circulation of my index 
that leads to another   
lost- tied in knots 
Untangled to find it sawed in two. 
Megapixels making it accessible 
comparing oneself to 
another's synthetic appearance 
ruining His masterpiece 
to become the definition of perfection
and analysis candy. 
Thinking that they mean nothing
Megapixels form together to create meaning
negative connotations, death threats 
people doing the unthinkable 
causing collisions that end existence
invisibility turns out to be a myth. 
Who knew? Megapixels
come together forming the fingerprint 
that sends me over to oblivion
deciding my future of reality 
eyes locked to the screen
hours of never ending reminders. 
Drowning my being with arsenic sugar
cannabis steam sitting in my blood stream 
shooting it, popping it
drippings of cold plasma   
tie it before jumping
trigger causes a crater of elements. 
What if the bad overpowered good?
Megapixel club of cereal killers 
one after the other 
drop like flies that had no chance against the 
loss of oxygen 
tinny Megapixels that start the apocalypse.
It's starting. Warning.
If you don't control yourselves 
you will end like me; like the others 
that didn't have the choice 
of being pushed over the edge
There is no going back once you fall.
You don't stop 
This poem is about: 
Our world



wow!! inspirational!

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