Mefarer or My Light that Never Went Out

This tale is true, and mine. It tells

How I almost lost the light

I was certain I would lose my way

For it was dim at the end of the tunnel

I was imperceptive

And fell into eternal-overcast.

My very own homemade entrapment

Frequenting doom-and-gloom mentality, and I kept to myself

An ode to solitude

In a nihilist-niche


Some conscious souls found me wandering

Saw me heading down such a

Lonely lane

And I scoffed at them,

“Nothing matters and neither do I.”

They could not

Would not

Pick at this brain

To tell me what I thought I already knew.

Until they expressed more than that.


Though dragged into this long-sought recovery

I found my will

To be a glass

Half full- I would say

Filled with what I choose


I prioritized this aching mind

I cared for her when she needed me the most-

This self-care should be universal

We need to function at our bests

But that cannot be

When we are against ourselves

Internal-imprisonment when we sweep away: detrimental, destructive thoughts

We do not validate them as so until-

Our survival instinct sputters out

And our eyes are too adjusted to shadows,

To keep track of the light.

Despite everything, I became the optimist

This sanguine-sally-

She tells me there is a light

It does not flicker

It never goes out

I never lost the light, I never lost my way.


This poem is about: 



"I'm Still the Optimist Though it is Hard" mentality from learning more about my diagnosis and prioritizing my mental health. 


My biggest influencer is me and my personal grit and growth.

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